The Fall Of Man and Expulsion from Paradise
The Fall Of Man and Expulsion from Paradise by Michelangelo


PARAMUS, NJ (Oct 5, 2017) You don't have to go to Rome to see Michelangelo's renowned Sistine Chapel. 34 reproductions of the iconic frescoes are on display at Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ, until October 15.

Michelangelo's famous paintings have been reproduced to near original size using Erich Lessing's high-resolution photography. The images were then printed onto individual fabric pieces using state⁃of⁃the⁃art printing techniques. The fabric is placed into frames and backlit to minimize shadows on the art.

The Creation of Adam
The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Up Close: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, as the exhibit is called, includes reproductions of The Creation of Adam, the Great Flood of Noah's Ark, with The Last Judgment towering over the public. These pieces constitute one of the world's greatest artistic achievements, and we wanted to showcase Michelangelo's renowned artwork in an intimate way, says Scott Sanders, Westfield's Creative Head of Global Entertainment.

Viewers can get up close and see a self⁃portrait of Michelangelo in the Last Judgment. The artist's features are represented on the flayed skin of a man held by Saint Bartholomew.

Why Michelangelo? As we began to make plans for our first experiential art exhibit, we were inspired to provide a unique opportunity for visitors to be immersed in Michelangelo's timeless frescoes in a way that cannot be experienced anywhere else, Sanders said.

The exhibit, which made its debut at Manhattan's Westfield World Trade Center in the Oculus during the Summer, will travel to:

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