2017 Volunteers at ACS Exhibit


Not only is THE ARTISTS FORUM a great platform to meet people or gain exposure, it's also the perfect medium to give back to your artistic and cultural community. Check out all the exciting ways you can get involved!


We are looking for committed individuals to intern or volunteer for our various live events, televised programs, and online presence.

It's an effective way to help strengthen our community, make lasting friendships, and to keep abreast of the numerous opportunities available within the art world. Simply email us your info and interests and we can get you started! Contact us here.


THE ARTISTS FORUM's welcomes partners and sponsors interested in helping the artistic community of New York City. Contact us here about opportunities.


Become a private or corporate sponsor of THE ARTISTS FORUM and help to make the world a better place for artists and art lovers world wide! There are many easy, creative ways to do so:

*Annual or Year-End Giving
An unrestricted annual gift to THE ARTISTS FORUM makes an immediate impact on our ability to offer exceptional programs to the artistic community. Your unrestricted annual gift is completely tax deductible.

*Corporate Giving
Your company or organization can receive attractive, beneficial recognition and tax deductions by donating money, goods, or services to THE ARTISTS FORUM. Email us about coordinating financial or in-kind donations.

*Planned Giving
Include THE ARTISTS FORUM in your estate planning. A gift of this nature demonstrates your enduring commitment to keeping art potent on a global scale. Please notify AF should this endeavor interest you.

*Tribute Gifts
Celebrate a friend or loved one through tribute gift giving.
A tribute gift to THE ARTISTS FORUM is a wonderful way to congratulate a special person in you life on a job well done, birthday acknowledgment, graduation, anniversary, wedding present or in memory of a friend or loved one. Your tribute gift giving is completely tax deductible and a perfect way to honor their indelible spirit.

*Gifts of Stock
Gifts of appreciated stock give you another option for supporting THE ARTISTS FORUM.

Contact THE ARTISTS FORUM if you are interested in making this or any other form of gift giving here